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Recurring build problems

These represent "known problems". In some cases, they represent a temporary problem that will be synched up at the point of the next release, in other cases they may represent an abject failure to communicate.

Other Issues

These represent versioning issues that will not show up in any Apache Gump run, but you may need to be aware.

Recent success stories

This section describes cross project compatibility issues which were:

  • detected by Gump
  • the changes would likely have otherwise gone undetected until release
  • involved changes to one or both products
  • the changes were done prior to release.


October 2001: The Xalan team is in the process of changing an undocumented API that dbXML used. The dbXML team determined that the reason that they were using that undocumented API no longer applies. This was corrected after the second beta of dbXML - meaning that the users of their next release will be able to upgrade smoothly to Xalan 2.2 once it is released.


September 2001: in order to more closely resemble the JSR 47 API, the Level class replaced the Priority class, and the Logger class replaced the Category class. This was originally done in a manner which was thought to be backwards compatible, but there was subtle reasons why this was not the case.


December 2001: a manifest task was added to Ant which collided with the manifest task contained within xml-fop. What followed was the most impressive cooperation between projects I have ever witnessed. The fop project removed their manifest task, and the Ant project changed their code so that the manifest task that fop previous had would have overridden the one provided with Ant.

by Sam Ruby