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Mailing Lists

Please read the guidelines for email contributors before subscribing and posting to the Apache Gump general list as they apply to this list as well.

Like almost all lists of the Apache Software Foundation, Gump's list is a subscriber only lists, this means you have to subscribe before you can post to the list. Please note that any HTML parts sent to the lists will be removed by our mailing list software - you shouldn't be sending HTML mails anyway.

General List

Medium Traffic Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive alternative Archive

This is the list where participating developers, users and metadata maintainers of Gump meet and discuss issues, code and metadata changes/additions, etc. Subscribers to this list get notices of each and every code/metadata change, build results, testing notices, etc.

Commits List

Low Traffic Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive

This is the list where software and metadata commit messages (from CVS and SVN) are sent.

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